WATCH: It’s a baby Velar, Range Rover’s 2nd generation Evoque launched

by | Nov 23, 2018 | 0 comments

The Evoque has proved to be a lifesaver for Range Rover topping its sales charts and bringing the company back into game. Since then, Jaguar Land Rover have consistently produced cars over the years that have wowed us, not least of those being the Range Rover Velar.  With it’s incredibly sleek lines and beautiful interior, it is unfortunately out of reach for mere mortals. However, the 2nd generation Evoque, which we’ve been eagerly awaiting for years, is finally upon us, and from I can gather based on the video below, it’s pretty much a baby Velar with similar exterior styling in the front, the inset door handles that raise and that beautiful interior with the dual touch screen displays for the infotainment and the climate/vehicle controls. Added to the mix is the full colour TFT instrument cluster providing the information you need most right in front of you.

Look, I am not going to go through and list all the new features as there are just too many to go through, and the video below does a good job of showing you these, but one really great feature I need to mention is the rear-view camera.  No, not the park distance camera, but rather a second rear camera located in the shark-fin aerial mounted on the roof which shows an HD display in your rear view mirror when you are unable to see out of the back window.  So, like you would tilt the rear view mirror to remove the glare from headlights of a car behind you, you would do the same here but this time it switches to the roof mounted rear view camera.  What a fantastic idea, well done! Now enjoy all the bits and pieces that the new Range Rover Evoque has to offer…

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