Jaguar E-Pace: South Africa Pricing

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The much anticipated Jaguar E-Pace will be landing in South Africa in March 2018 and promises to be a crowd favourite.

Slotting in below the F-Pace, the E-Pace will arrive with all-wheel-drive as standard across the range and a number of petrol and diesel engine variants will also be available.  The 2.0 litre diesel units will come in with 110kW, 132kW and 177kW variants, while the 2.0 petrol will include 184kW and 221kW power ratings.

The 110kW 2.0 litre diesel engine boasts a claimed fuel economy figure of just 5.6l/100km while the top of the range 221kW 2.0 litre petrol will take the E-Pace to 100km/h in 6.4 seconds.

There is also the obligatory First Edition models which come with a few extra bits and pieces to commemorate the introduction of this new model.

You can expect the really good Jaguar touchscreen infotainment system which can accommodate a 4G SIM card allowing Wi-Fi access for up to 8 devices. Digital connectivity can be found throughout the cabin, providing passengers with up to four 12-volt charging points and five USB connections.

There are four model levels to choose from: Standard, S, SE and HSE.  While the First Editions will only be available on order for the first year of sale.

Available at Jaguar dealers from March 2018, the E-Pace cars come with the Jaguar Five-year Care Plan: a five-year/100 000km service plan, a five-year/100 000km maintenance plan and a five-year/100 000km warranty, as standard.

Full Pricing

2.0 diesel 110kW (D150) R598 500 R659 900 R698 900 R734 900
2.0 diesel 132kW (D180) R619 500 R680 900 R719 900 R755 900
2.0 diesel 177kW (D240) R735 100 R774 100 R810 100
2.0 petrol 184kW (P250) R667 800 R729 200 R768 200 R804 200
2.0 petrol 221kW (P300) R783 400 R822 400 R858 400
E-PACE R-Dynamic Base S SE HSE
2.0 diesel 110kW (D150) R632 500 R693 900 R732 900 R768 900
2.0 diesel 132kW (D180) R653 500 R714 900 R753 900 R789 900
2.0 diesel 177kW (D240) R769 100 R808 100 R844 100
2.0 petrol 184kW (P250) R701 800 R763 200 R802 200 R838 200
2.0 petrol 221kW (P300) R817 400 R845 400 R892 400
E-PACE First Edition  First Edition
2.0 diesel 132kW (D180) R851 600
2.0 petrol 184kW (P250) R895 700



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