LEGO Builds A Bugatti Chiron and then they drive it!

by | Aug 30, 2018 | 0 comments

We all love the Bugatti Chiron 400kph+ supercar and the true engineering marvel it represents. We dream of owning this car one day or to merely have a drive in it.

LEGO had the same dream, so they built a Bugatti Chiron completely from their LEGO Technic range in 1:1 ratio. And it’s powered by their LEGO technic range of electric motors.

While being able to achieve only 20kph, it certainly won’t be drag racing anything on the track, but what you have here is a drivable LEGO car that looks like a supercar.

I find this to be quite an emotional thing to watch, being an avid LEGO fan since the day I could pick up a LEGO piece.



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