We drive the BMW 4-Series LCI update

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The BMW 4-Series has been the better looking and better driving 3-Series sports model and has been a popular model in the BMW range.

Recently, the 4-Series received an update to bring the looks in line with BMW’s newer design cues.

We were invited by BMW South Africa to experience the new model taking it through its paces in the beautiful Nelspruit area along sweeping roads.  Roads such as these, for a long time, have been relegated to those living in the Western Cape, but venture a couple hours outside of Gauteng and you will be met with some of the most incredible driving experiences.

While the 4-Series has already received the engine updates last year, a few subtle changes were made in the shape of redesigned lights and interior options but also some improvements to the handling dynamics of the 4-Series range have been made done.

The new range of 4-Series include the Convertible, Coupe and Gran Coupe with engine derivatives available as the 420i (135kW/290Nm), 430i (185kW/350Nm), 440i (240kW/450Nm) and 420d (140kW/400Nm).

Each derivative is also available in Luxury, Sport and M-Sport trims.

The 4-Series Convertible has been made a little more luxurious offering a more subdued driving experience, allowing you to cruise at a moderate pace while enjoying wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Steering has been improved as well to offer better comfort.  Also interesting to note is that the Convertible is not offered in the diesel derivative.

The Gran Coupe and Coupe have had their chassis setup stiffened and damper settings have been readjusted to give you more of an edge when piloting these thoroughbreds through any bend the road throws at you.

The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system has been vastly improved and boasts a much shorter braking distance on the new 4-Series.

The previous generation Xenon headlights have been replaced by high tech Bi-LED lights which offer brighter and more accurate lighting of the road in front of you.  The rear taillights have also been upgraded to LEDs.

The same navigation system found in the bigger, more luxurious 5/7-Series is now also available in the 4-Series range offering bigger and crisper LCD displays.  There is also a repositioned USB port which now sits just below the climate control center as well as Apple Car Play functionality also available as an option.

There are also two new colours available, exclusive to the 4-Series called Snapper Rocks Blue and Sunset Orange, with my personal preference leaning towards the blue.

There are also a number of new seat colours available to match each individual’s taste.

A few convenience services have been included like the SOS call when you’re in an accident or need emergency response as well as the car being able to notify the dealer when it is ready for it’s service and the dealer will call you to book an appointment.  Certainly makes owning a BMW an absolute breeze while minimising the anxiety of whether or not you need to take the car in for a service.

The M4 also receives similar cosmetic upgrades while the dynamics and engine remain the same.

Overall, the 4-Series range remains as popular and as beautiful (if not more) as before with enhanced dynamics and comfort features and will continue to generate good sales.


  • BMW 420i Coupe: R603,200 (Manual) / R624,400 (Auto)
  • BMW 420d Coupe: R639,99 (Manual) / R660,100 (Auto)
  • BMW 430i Coupe: R690,300 (Manual) / R711, 100 (Auto)
  • BMW 440i Coupe: R861,100 (Auto only)
  • BMW 420i Grand Coupe: R603,200 (Manual) / R624,400 (Auto)
  • BMW 420d Gran Coupe: R630,300 (Manual) / R660,100 (Auto)
  • BMW 430i Grand Coupe: R690,300 (Manual) / R711, 100 (Auto)
  • BMW 440i Gran Coupe: R861,100 (Auto only)
  • BMW 420i Convertible: R715,200 (Manual) / R736,200 (Auto)
  • BMW 430i Convertible: R827,600 (Manual) / R848,400 (Auto)
  • BMW 440i Convertible: R985,100 (Auto only)

Photography Credit: Justin McCall / TheMotoringChannel.com / @justinmccall

Disclaimer: BMW South Africa invited me along to sample the new 4-Series, they paid for my flight and meals as well loaned me a number of their cars for the day and this has absolutely no influence on the article whatsoever.

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