The Suzuki Vitara Brezza seems to tick all the boxes

by | Aug 12, 2021 | 0 comments

#Suzuki introduced its all-new #Vitara #Brezza into the #SouthAfrican market a few months ago and the little compact SUV has been met with open arms.
It seems to tick all the boxes that customers these days want to be ticked. It’s small yet spacious, affordable with the must-have features and it features an engine that is by no means the most potent but it is economical and reliable. It also has a desirable badge.
I spent some time with the #VitaraBrezza to experience its offering for myself and I was left quite impressed and here is why. You see the #Vitara #Brezza might look the same size as the already popular Vitara but it is in fact shorter than its bigger sibling, by 180mm. The Brazza is however 30mm wider and taller by around 15mm. The wheelbase is the same and that means that the Brezza seems to focus on interior-space utilisation. I like the square-like design which comes across as fairly modern thanks to the implementation of LED daytime running lights and some chrome design elements. The roof can be had in a different colour to the body which adds to the youthful nature of the car. 16-inch alloys also feature on this the GLX model.
The interior is also a pleasant place to be. Very few buttons clutter the centre console and there in a touchscreen infotainment system that is both #Android Auto and #Apple #CarPlay compatible. Once you plug your phone in the system really becomes an advantage.
I also found the interior to be quite spacious the luggage area can accommodate around 328 litres. The rear seats, meanwhile, split in a 60/40 configuration and can be folded down to free up utility space. It also has a full-sized spare wheel!
The Vitara Brezza weighs in at just 1.1 tonnes which means that the little 1.5-litre engine doesn’t have to chug around too much weight. This means that the admirable 77KW and 138Nm makes the car feel nippy. A 5-speed manual gearbox also features however I feel as if a 6th gear would benefit the highway cruising ability.
I managed to achieve a fuel consumption figure of just over 7.0l/100km which, considering the fact that my time with the little scamp included suburban streets, shopping centre parking lots and two highway trips is not bad at all.
Behind the wheel, the car feels much smaller than what it is and in some cases, it can offer up a rather entertaining driving experience. I guess that’s the #Suzuki character coming through. I enjoyed my time with the car and I now understand why it is so popular. In a time where we need to consider the best value for our hard-earned money the #Suzuki #Vitara #Brezza should be on your list.

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